President of France: truck raid about 50 wounded "at the moment of life and death"

French President Hollande said the incident was a terrorist attack
According to foreign media reported on the 15th, the French President Hollande said that the Nice truck raid case about 50 injured seriously, "at the moment of life and death." French soldiers are on duty at the incident. The truck driver has been killed and the investigation will determine if he has a partner. In addition, Hollande also said that the terrorist attacks in addition to French citizens casualties, there are many foreigners also because of the victims of the victims or injuries, many of them children. On the evening of July 14th, people gathered on the British cruise on the outskirts of Nice to wait for the National Day fireworks, a truck rushed into the avenue and trucking the crowd to attack the truck driver was killed. French President Hollande said the incident was a terrorist attack. French Prime Minister Manuel Walls said that after the terrorist attacks in France, the French President Hollande announced the national mourning for three days. The terrorist attacks killed at least 84 people.

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