3-year-old boy sitting in porridge pot hips severe burns

Hejiang first town of Lee mother-in-law's grandson Tao Tao has just done good porridge burns
August 7 at noon, Hejiang first town of Lee mother-in-law's grandson Tao Tao has just done good porridge burns. At that time, the table stood just doing the milk, the table with a root stool, full of porridge pot from the stool nearly 2 meters away. Li mother said that the grandson is estimated to move the stool to see the table of milk, when not careful to sit back into the porridge pot. Reporters came to the Sichuan Medical University Hospital of plastic surgery surgical ward, Tao Tao is lying in bed infusion, waist to the thigh place, the skin is out, the skin redness, buttocks there are several large blisters. Tao Tao's grandmother Li mother said, Tao Tao's parents usually work outside, home only her, his wife and 3-year-old Tao Tao. "That day we invited people to cut millet, we work in the afternoon hungry to snacks, so I cook a pot of porridge." Lee mother recalled, after lunch, she began to cook porridge. As the weather is hot, porridge cooked, she put the lid opened to heat. Taking into account if the table on the grandson may be curious to move, Lee mother also deliberately put a pot of rice on the ground. "I think, if he can see what, it will not go to move it!" Subsequently, Lee mother and his wife to the dam to the sun millet to go. She did not expect how to guard against the defense, Tao Tao or injured. Before long, Lee mother heard Tao Tao cry, quickly ran into the house. "He is standing in the porridge pot next to the buttocks near the clothes are wet pants, clothes, there are a small amount of rice." Lee mothers quickly Taotao clothes pants off and found the grandson's waist to the thighs have been burned, many local skin are out. Li mother-in-law called the grandchildren to the hospital. Tao Tao's doctor Jiang Bo told reporters Tao Tao to the hospital when there are hypoglycemic shock, cold limbs, dry lips black, the spirit is very poor. "Wounds accounted for 20% of the total area of ​​the body, for children is more serious." Jiang Bo said that the current child is stable, but not yet out of danger. At the same time, Dr. Jiang Bo also remind the general public, such as accidentally burns, should be immediately on the injured for cooling, such as rinse with cold water. In the removal of the clothes of the injured, pay attention to protect the skin by hot parts. "Remember not to drink boiled water, so likely to cause acute brain edema, aggravated the condition of the injured." Wang Yang Yong Chen Liu flow of the West City Reader Yang Jianjun

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