Gang line pirate selling best-selling book network sold half a year to earn millions (Figure)

Lu Mou total sales of more than 300 million pirated books
Law enforcement officers seized a large number of pirated books. Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps for 32-year-old man Lu Mou online search hot book, buy genuine books issued to the printing shop pirated, and Taobao opened six online store sales. From June last year to January this year, Lumou total sales of pirated books more than 300 million. Yesterday, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps informed that has seized the pirated book warehouse, seized 38 kinds of pirated books, piracy gangs 4 XingJu. >> case to open six Taobao shop selling piracy In January this year, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps received a report to sell pirated books. According to the clue, the law enforcement team survey found that the gang is offline pirated books, and then to the line for sale. Gang leader for the man Lu Mou, which in June last year, the establishment of Beijing billion dream Chun Tian Culture Co., Ltd., made a "business license", and then registered six Taobao shop, respectively, "billion dream spring field", " Feiyun bookstore "," Beijing new bookstore "," Bookblock Bookstore "," Beijing Mengtian bookstore "," Great bookstore. " Law enforcement officers, these illegal publications work well in Taobao shop are playing genuine mark, with great confusion. Lumou Taobao shop sales of the book often replace the variety, he only selected best-selling book for pirate. The preliminary statistics estimate, from June 2015 to January this year, Lu six shop sales of more than 300 million, profits of about 50%. Rental high-end villa when the warehouse "We Taobao shop to send the address found, pirated book from Chaoyang District, near the Olympic Village, a high-end villa sent." Law enforcement officers said Lu Mou has a strong sense of anti-investigation, he rented high-grade villas to do the warehouse, the district door security guard, access personnel need to explain the identity of security, "in order to find the warehouse, we have some work." April 15, law enforcement officers to find the rent of the villa Lumou, the door is stacked with a lot of books have been packed, and the house is full of books, even inside the wardrobe are also books. On the same day, Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps in conjunction with the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Security Corps, Chaoyang Public Security Bureau of the warehouse to seize, on the spot detained books 38 million, and Lu Mou and his father, brother and an employee 4 prisoners. According to Lu Mou preliminary account, he sold pirated books are from Hebei Sanhe City, Zhengding County printing factory printed. He first search from the Internet to understand which is the bestseller, and then bought a genuine bestseller, provided to the printing plant, to copy the way to obtain pirated books, and find his father, brother and others to help him sell pirated books. Yesterday, the reporter inquired about the six Taobao shop, found that there are two in the normal operation of the two shops are favorable rate of 98% or more. "Bookblock Bookstore" is selling the "micro-plastic injection beauty," a book, "genuine" price of 148 yuan, the store price of 113 yuan. The book sold in April for the number of 326, the buyer comments, some of the quality of the book is genuine, and some comments that the poor quality of printing for the piracy. Law enforcement officers told reporters, Lu Mou selling pirated books only printing costs, but in accordance with the price close to the genuine book sales. This is because Lumou sell pirated book printing and packaging sophisticated, and poor quality piracy book distinction. "Lu Mou election are good paper, genuine with 250 grams of coated paper, Lu Mou choose 200 grams of coated paper for pirate, almost the same quality, consumers are difficult to distinguish." Jinghua Times reporter Zhang Sijia

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