Samsung mobile phone in Japan Kansai International Airport smoke almost lead to fire

Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport from 15 to prohibit passengers to take this phone boarding

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Two trucks parked in the high-speed emergency lane 4 people get cooking dinner dinner

The picture shows the two trucks down the four people are in the emergency lane to eat

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Xi Jinping will visit Pakistan Indonesia Pakistan look forward to 46 billion US dollars agreement

Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Pakistan from April 20 to 21

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Malaysian anti-corruption agency wants Prime Minister Najib to explain $ 700 million in donations

The committee also did not disclose whether the donor was an individual or a body

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Milan World Expo suffered a large-scale riots The police once closed the subway station

Protest against the government to hold the Milan 2015 World Expo

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Iranian aircraft take off a few seconds crash from the market only 500 meters (Figure)

Iranian officials blame airliners for international sanctions

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Guangxi emergency deployment to carry out illegal verification of vaccine products

Requested food and drug regulatory authorities around the day to start in the region to start illegal operation of vaccine products verification work

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Xi Jinping Meets with Mexican President Peña

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Dawei photo state president Xi Jinping met in Hangzhou in China on Tuesday to attend the leaders of the Group of Twenty leaders of the Mexican President Peña

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Two ladies beauty salon to spend 41 million to buy plastic underwear was also shop to shoot nude photos

In a nearby beauty institutions have spent 41 million to buy 41 sets of plastic underwear

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Yunnan police informed the siege shot police: involved in the investigation

Yongfeng police station and other staff on the road to the masses to persuade

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Experts: Nobel Peace Prize this year or will not appear "every five anti-nuclear"

But Nobel Peace Prize expert Sween said

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Armed Police Second Hospital Departments in violation of cooperation issued false information misleading patients

Armed police station in the presence of illegal cooperation, the release of false information and medical advertising to mislead patients and the public and other issues

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The Yangtze River wreck began to bargain the overall judgment is no surviving

The overall work of the hull is still in progress

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Thailand shelves the purchase of Chinese submarine program experts said behind the United States factors

The Thai government supports the Royal Navy to buy Chinese submarines

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Foreign trade university president bombardment of independent enrollment: waste of money

University of Foreign Economic and Trade University President Shi Jianjun University President

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Russian media in Britain was inexplicable seizure experts: press freedom to suppress heterogeneous

The European Union, the United States and some Western countries began to carry out sanctions against Russia

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FIFA former vice president for the bail to sell the seller to cobble together ten million US dollars bail

Interview with FIFA vice president of Webb, who was extradited to the United States for trial, was released on bail

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Ministry of Education: primary and secondary schools have the quality of books mixed and other issues

How to Strengthen the Construction of the Library Team in Primary and Secondary Schools

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Experts: the future of China should have four aircraft carrier 2 deployment of the South China Sea direction

China is currently the only one aircraft carrier

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France, Paris, an explosion occurred to 1 injured the number of injured or increased

The cause of the explosion is under investigation

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