Female white-collar computer stored three tablets were fried claims that is illegal to lift

So the company on November 7 last year and Ms. Zheng dismissed the labor contract
Ms. Zheng, who works in a foreign company, has an adult film on a laptop computer that has been found to be working with the company, and is dismissed by the company for serious breach of the company's Code of Business Conduct. Chaoyang District Arbitration Commission ruled that the company to compensate Ms. Zheng 29 million yuan. The company refused to sue the court, the court of first instance ordered the company do not have to pay compensation. But dissatisfied with the verdict in the first instance of Ms. Zheng filed an appeal, the recent case in the city three hospital hearing. Mr. Chen was admitted in June 2007 to John Deere (Ningbo) Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. work, 3 years later was transferred to Beijing John Deere (China) limited investment work in company. To facilitate the work of the staff, the company for the distribution of a laptop for Ms. Zheng. Last year in September, the company Ms. Zheng work on the investigation of the laptop, found that there is a pornographic, pornographic content, called "3D meat futon" movie. Company investigators and Ms. Zheng conversation, Ms. Cheng admitted the fact that discipline. John Deere said the company has "should not use the company's computer to view the yellow information," the clear provisions, so the company on November 7 last year, Ms. Cheng and the lifting of labor contracts, and did not pay any financial compensation. The first instance of the company won the case without dissatisfaction with the company's handling of labor arbitration. Chaoyang District, the Arbitration Commission found that the company to lift the labor contract lack of facts and legal basis, constitute illegal lifting, the ruling to pay Ms. Zheng to lift the labor contract compensation 29 million yuan. However, the company that the arbitration body did not find out the facts of the case, so Ms. Zheng sued the court, asked the verdict the company does not pay compensation. The court of first instance that the plaintiff's "staff manual", "business code of conduct" of the formulation process, in line with China's "Labor Contract Law" provisions, and has been to Ms. Zheng publicity, Ms. Zheng also recognized their own office computer storage in the company Film, in violation of company regulations. Therefore, the court of first instance ruled that the company has the right to terminate the labor contract with Ms. Zheng, and no compensation. Ms. Cheng appeal against the first instance verdict, the case recently in the city three hospital trial. During the trial, Ms. Zheng said that the company and its termination of labor contract without any legal basis, is illegal to lift, "this behavior did not produce any significant impact, did not cause any loss to the company." Second, the company developed a number of rules and regulations itself is contradictory, so there is no implementation. "The lifting of labor relations is a serious punishment for employees, the company did not give a warning or repentance opportunity to directly lift the labor relations, in the situation are not appropriate." The court did not court the case. Beijing Morning News reporter Huang Xiaoyu

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